You or I can select the lot best suited for your custom home. We can design a floor plan for you or you can choose one from the many on the internet at sites such as,, or to name just a few. Once a lot and the plans are finalized, we can estimate the cost for your home loan.

When all permits are attained through the city we’ll break ground with the foundation. Licensed inspectors will be used on many stages of your home (plumbing, electrical, heating and A/C, insulation) , not just the foundation.

At the framing stage, we may use a number of sheathing products that create a moisture barrier for your house. All window edges will be taped with a moisture barrier material as well to give you an energy edge. We insulate our walls with the advanced netted “jet stream” unless we contract for foam spray.

You may choose your brick, siding, stone, drivet or stucco for exterior depending on your budget. Many have a combination of these to bring interest to the home.

Plumbing fixtures, lights, appliances, tile, and carpet are all subject to the homeowner within the allowances of the home. You’ll want to choose in advance so we can install it towards the end of your home.

When “closing the home” you will receive your warranty papers from StrucSure Home Warranty!

Optional items like sprinkler systems, fence, sod, hydro-mulch, landscaping, and shutters can all be put into your contract price if wished.

Builder will attain final inspections from the city and have a walk-thru with the owner(s) to explain all the workings of your new home.

When “closing the home” you will receive your warranty papers from StrucSure Home Warranty!

Mark Aldriedge never takes on too many projects that he cannot give your home the personal attention it needs. Continuing education keeps your builder in the know about energy and city codes to make your home the best it can be for the price.

Ready to start your new home?